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Q. Can you have pets?
A. Yes, pets are welcome at Westwood however there are rules for Dogs and Cats. We even have a Kennel Club just for the residents pets.I'm a title. Click to edit me


Q. Where do you go for storms?
A. We use the managers basement for severe weather, and pets are welcome too.
Q. If I have a small chore to do can I call the office?
A. Yes, we have In-Home Service to lend a hand for anything from putting up a shelf to building a Carport for your home. The “In-Home Service” not only personalizes your home but increases the value too.
Q. Is the Maintenance Fee of $385 higher than other communities?
A. Not when you consider all that Westwood includes; *MAINTENANCE, *UTILITIES, *TAXES!
Q. Are these homes priced higher than other Communities?
A. Not at all when you compare the quality of the BonnaVilla to a mobile home, BonnaVilla has the quality you can have security in.
Q. Why Don’t you pay Real Estate Taxes?
A. Because Westwood Manor is a “Land Lease” Community, the Lease Holder is responsible for all the Real Estate Taxes. This is paid in the monthly maintenance fee. Residents are responsible for personal property tax on their home. And that can be well under $500 per year.
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